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Meet Rebecca

As a Minneapolis psychic medium, Rebecca helps you connect with your life force energy and timing.  She works through a specific energy structure that helps give insight and clarity to specific situations in your life.

Image by Benjamin Voros

Trusted Psychic

We can often feel conflicted and confused around complex issues involving our life choices.  Rebecca offers objective, clear insights based on information she receives from you through her intuitive vision.


Working objectively and accurately, she can offer you a sense of what is correct for you. She can name specific issues and energies that are affecting you and your life choices.​ Rebecca is a psychic based in Minneapolis, however, she has clients across the US who connect with her via phone for psychic readings.

Psychic Methodology

Rebecca believes our most important life choices are best made coming from a grounded, balanced perspective. Because your choices and your answers come from you, Rebecca’s intention is not to be attached to a particular choice or outcome that is yours to make.


Rebecca’s professional neutrality around your situation allows for a clearness with the information she shares with you. This combined with a caring, non-judgmental space allows you the freedom to touch what is true for you at this time.

Rebecca is committed to offering psychic, intuitive guidance to those who seek to know and understand more about themselves and the world around them.

Contact Rebecca with any questions you may have regarding her psychic work or methodology.

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